Donnerstag, Oktober 28, 2021
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Jérôme Harlay

PhD in science and journalist for the Vaping Post. Specialised in scientific topics.

Dr. Farsalinos re-analyzes the data from the Eurobarometer survey

More than 35% of current European e-cigarette users quit smoking On stage during the Vapexpo 2015, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos gave an overview of his analyse of the data collected...

Consensus on e-cigarette : Public Health England supported by 12 public...

"Our commitment is to deliver clear messages to the public, to carry on research and to monitor vaping pattern among the youth" Since its publication, the report...

The electronic cigarette does not attract young non-smokers

The fear of a gateway to tobacco is still unjustified according to statistics It is the same old tune in UK: the electronic cigarette, that the most conservative anti- tobacco...

Scotland: A „school of vape“ to discover e-cigarette

A meeting between the vape beginners experienced vapers and sellers Colin Robertson, a vaper for over a year and a half, held an event dedicated...

Great Britain: 1.1 million vapers are former smokers

The proportion of ex-smokers keeps increasing among British vapers The British Association of fight against smoking ASH has been conducting an annual surveys since 2010...